LLC Oksayd supplier of technical chemistry at the North-West of Russia.
Production and warehouse facilities and office "Oxaid"

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Limited Liability Company Oxaid was established in 2000. It operates on receiving, storage and distribution of industrial chemicals. During this period, the company has been working in the market of chemical products and has established long-term partnerships with the food and chemical industries of the North-Western Region of Russia. The company offers a full range of logistics services, including safekeeping in its own storage facilities.

Due to the increasing turnover of goods in 2007, the company completed construction of a new production and warehouse complex in the industrial area Metallostroy. The complex includes four dry storage warehouses for chemicals and a range of tanks for liquid chemicals. To further optimise our operations we have:

Construction was completed using the most modern materials and advances in the organisation of chemical production.

“Oxaid” is staffed with a well-trained team with extensive experience in operating chemical production. We hold all the necessary permits for operating a chemical plant, a license to use chemically dangerous and explosive production facilities and a license for the transportation of hazardous chemical substances on the railway transport (issued by the Federal Service for Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision, the St. Petersburg Branch).  

The company's activities are aimed at establishing long-term and mutually beneficial partnerships.